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We are a dealer alternative with the facilities and capability to diagnose and repair any make or model vehicle.

JM Automotive is a CERTIFIED AUTO REPAIR CENTER and we beat any competitor’s pricing! JM Automotive is one of the few shops in San Antonio that offers a 1 year/12,000 mile nationwide coverage warranty. We specialize in repair of Audi, Volvo, BMW, Lexus, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Chrysler and Ford.

JM Automotive proudly serving San Antonio and neighboring areas; we are an experienced maintenance and repair center for BMW, Audi and other cars.

Looking for auto repair, air conditioning repair, transmission Repair, or a car diagnostic center in San Antonio? Our auto repair shop is here at your service.


Our Services

Full Service Oil Changes

In the automotive industry it is recommended that a full service oil change

Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning in your vehicle is a simple luxury in many parts of world

Brake Maintenance & Service

Are your brakes grinding? If your brakes are grinding you should get a brake inspection as soon as possible

Tune Up

Having a tune up performed on your vehicle at the recommended intervals will help with performance

Differential & Transfer Case Service

If you are not sure what a differential is or know if the oil in yours has been changed recently

Cooling System Service

Your vehicle’s cooling system is one of the most crucial systems for proper engine operation and protection.

Fuel Injector & System Service

Your engine’s performance relies on properly operating fuel injectors

Air Cleaner Service

As with any system, air or otherwise, the cleaner it is the more efficient the system runs

Transmission Service

Transmission fluid WILL become dirty. This causes a gradual breakdown of the fluid which in turnl causes it to become ineffective

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car garages near me In San Antonio | car cooling system service san antonio

Indicators of Transmission Problems by JM Automotive

Tags : car cooling system service in San Antoniocar garages near me in San Antonio

Apart from the various problems that your vehicle faces, one of the major one is a transmission problem. This problem is being stated as a major one as it leads to multiple other problems. However, as always, it is our duty to give you a dose of knowledge when it comes to the maintenance tips

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steering repair San Antonio | BMW mechanic San Antonio

Signs that You May Need Power Steering Service

Tags : BMW auto repair San AntonioBMW Mechanic San AntonioSteering Repair San Antonio

We are happy to find you here. Because if you are reading this blog, then it means that, you have finally been convinced of the importance of a power steering system’s need for maintenance. Well, as promised by your favorite BMW mechanic San Antonio, we are here to tell you about the signs that indicate

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bmw mechanic San Antonio | bmw auto repair San Antonio

The Importance of Power Steering Service

Tags : BMW Mechanic San AntonioBMW Repair Center San AntonioBMW Service Center San Antonio

As a trusted BMW mechanic San Antonio, we are here to give you a dose of good tips and suggestions. In this blog, we are going to focus on the power steering service. Since we are into BMW auto repair San Antonio, we know that when it comes to the maintenance of power steering, often

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auto service experts San Antonio

How to Maintain your Brakes More Efficiently than Ever?

Tags : auto service experts San Antoniobrake maintenance san antoniocar brake maintenance san antonio

JM Automotive is amongst the best auto service experts San Antonio TX. That makes it our responsibility to create a general awareness about how one can maintain their vehicles’ brakes more efficiently than ever. Since we are successful brake maintenance and repair center with an experience of over 30 years, we know exactly what people

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BMW mechanic San Antonio | Brake Repair San Antonio

Tips – Don’t Let your Brake Break!

Tags : BMW Mechanic San AntonioBMW Repair Center San AntonioBMW Specialist in San Antonio

Well, you know what we mean by that! As the best BMW mechanic San Antonio we know how precious your vehicles are for you. We acknowledge that you want to pamper them and keep them in good shape at all times. Therefore, here we are to tell you what you might be missing. When it

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BMW Specialist in San Antonio | BMW Mechanic San Antonio

How to Choose the Best Auto Repair Shop for your BMW

Tags : BMW Mechanic San AntonioBMW Repair Center San AntonioBMW Service Center San AntonioBMW Specialist in San Antonio

There were times when the customers were many but the choices of service providers were scarce. Hence, in order to buy anything, the customers had to play by the rules of the sellers. However, the market has changed from then. Unlike earlier when the market was producer oriented, it is now customer oriented. In short,

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Car Brake Maintenance San Antonio | Auto Care Experts San Antonio

Characteristics of Good Auto Service Experts in San Antonio TX

Tags : auto service experts in San Antonio TXcar brake maintenance san antonio

All of us want a reliable auto service expert when it comes to taking care of our vehicle. Auto service experts in San Antonio TX often offer a great arrangement for their services. A crucial part of car maintenance is an oil change, repairing, along with replacing brakes that are worn out. Casually taking it

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Car Oil Change Center San Antonio | Auto Repair San Antonio

Why Take Car Oil Changes Seriously?

Tags : auto repair center in San Antoniocar garages near me in San Antoniooil change service San Antonio

When you look at the results of “car garages near me in San Antonio”, we are the answer. When you look for the best auto repair center in San Antonio, we are the answer. Even when you look for someone to give you reliable information on how to maintain your vehicle, we are the answer.

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Certified BMW Repair | BMW Service Center San Antonio

Stay Tuned – BMW’s Next Revolutionary Car Coming in 2021

Tags : bmw maintenance In San Antoniobmw repair center In San Antoniocertified auto repair center

The next revolutionary car by BMW is just around the corner! It is expected that this baby will make your heart skip a beat in 2021. As the best BMW mechanic in San Antonio, we are very excited about its launch. We are absolutely sure that after reading its potential features you’d be too. Have

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Auto Repair | Auto Maintenance San Antonio

JM Automotive Services

Tags : Auto Care Center San AntonioCar maintenance San Antoniocertified auto repair center

JM Automotive is considered as one of the best BMW service center In San Antonio. The organization surely lives up to its tag by providing diverse services to its customers. The list of services that this BMW Mechanic In San Antonio offers is as follows: Full-Service Oil Changes We recommend a full-service oil change on

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Learn Different Braking Systems by the Best Truck Repair Center San Antonio

Tags : Mercedes Service Center San AntonioMercedes specialist in San AntonioTruck Repair San Antonio

These days the semi trucks tend to have a fairly complex braking system. But, as the best truck repair center in San Antonio, nothing is complex for ‘JM Automotive.’ Not to mention that we are also the best Mercedes specialist in San Antonio. This also means that we can easily explain these braking systems to

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Warning Signs in your Car | Car Maintenance San Antonio

Look out for these Warning Signs in your Car!

Tags : Car maintenance San Antoniocar oil change center in San AntonioMercedes Service Center San Antonio

Often your car tries to tell you that it’s not well! But you tend to miss these signs and the problem aggravates. So, here is a compilation of the warning signs that you should look out for: Blue Smoke If your car is showing blue smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, it indicates that

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BMW Service | Maintenance | Repair | Auto Care San Antonio

Do You Own BMW? Must Know Maintenance Tips for You

Tags : Auto Care Center San Antoniobmw maintenance In San Antoniobmw repair center In San Antonio

If you are the proud owner of a BMW then you know its repair and maintenance is not at all a piece of cake. But, being the best BMW mechanic in San Antonio, JM Automotive makes it easy for you to do so. Here are the things you need to know and the tips you

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Car Air Cleaner Center San Antonio

Why Should You Change Your Cabin Air Filter Regularly?

Tags : car air cleaner service San Antoniocar oil change center in San Antoniocertified auto repair center

When you are wondering about getting a car air filter replacement in San Antonio, the first step is to know exactly why you need it in the first place. Here’s the answer to this newly popped question in your head, as to why should you change your cabin air filter: Firstly, you should know that

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bmw maintenance | bmw mechanic | bmw repair center |bmw service center | bmw specialist In San Antonio

5 Point Checklist for Regular Car Maintenance

Tags : foreign auto repair in San Antoniofuel injector repair service San Antonio

Maintenance of a car is really important! Whether you have bought a new car or a used one, you would like to get the most of every mile you drive. It has been seen that vehicle owners know the importance of regular maintenance but tend to overlook or delay it. They only tend to visit

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How to Choose an Auto Repair Shop

Tags : bmw maintenance In San Antoniobmw repair center In San Antonio

Is your car making some kind of weird noises lately? Or has your car been working fine but you wish to get it inspected one? Well, in either of the cases, you need to find an auto repair shop and entrust them with service of your vehicle. Automobile and repairs are inevitable, so if you

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